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Bernd Leitsoni discovered his passion for digital marketing while attending Norwich University in the USA, during his sports scholarship in 2005. It was during his time at Norwich that he played American Football at the college level, a journey that is quite unusual, transitioning from Europe to America in their native sport. Starting with his own affiliate projects in the SEO sector, he won the first search engine competition in Austria. On Facebook, he built fan pages with a combined reach of over 42 million fans, gaining diverse experience in the social media sector. As the Head of Online Marketing, he worked for an advertising agency in Carinthia, where he led strategic client consulting, recruiting, and training of new online marketing staff. Constantly searching worldwide for lesser-known approaches and inherently driven by an unstoppable curiosity for new marketing strategies, Bernd now advises national and international companies and corporations on online marketing. Bernd is a valued participant and speaker in various masterminds all over the world. His company, RIFFBIRD, which has been revolutionizing the way companies hire new employees for the past four years, focuses intensively on digital performance marketing. With an international clientele, RIFFBIRD assists companies in 7 countries. The focus is always on a result-oriented and measurable approach.

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Bernd Leitsoni
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